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Industrial adhesive tape (transparent, ultra strong) Industrial adhesive tape (transparent, ultra strong)
With this transparent adhesive tape, surface-mounted LED spotlights can be easily attached to the stair string, or aluminium profiles for LED strips can be securely fixed under the step. What makes this tape so special? Due to its...
€8.90 *
Heat-shrinkable solder connectors (10 pieces) Heat-shrinkable solder connectors (10 pieces)
Connects LED connection cables permanently, safely and in the smallest of spaces. Due to the minimal size of the connectors, they can be "hidden" wherever WAGO connectors are already too large: Directly in the LED aluminum profiles, or...
€13.90 *
100 pack wire end ferrules-insulated 0,5mm² 100 pack wire end ferrules-insulated 0,5mm²
Wire end sleeves make it easier to insert the LED connection cable into terminals of the LED control unit. The sleeves prevent the splicing of multi-stranded copper conductors - such as our LED connection cable - and thus facilitate the...
€1.20 *
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80 / 100 / 120 cm
Complete set: LED strips with aluminium profile Complete set: LED strips with aluminium profile
The ready-to-connect LED strip in a complete package including matching aluminium profile at a special price. The set consists of: LED-strip with 100 cm connection cable (12 V) Aluminium profile (16.9 x 8 mm) including acrylic glass...
From €25.90 * €27.10 *
Motion detector (12 V) Motion detector (12 V)
This PIR motion detector can be installed above the stairs and, in combination with the Professional control device, ensures that the staircase lighting remains activated as long as people are present in the stairwell area. This enables...
€34.90 *
Constant current adapter for high-power LEDs Constant current adapter for high-power LEDs
This adapter enables the operation of constant current driven "high-power" LEDs on our LED control units. This adapter is equipped with a high-quality step-down regulator with an energy efficiency of over 90%. Large soldering pads and a...
€18.90 *
100 cable ties 100 cable ties
The cable ties are suitable for bundling and fastening the LED connection cables. Sturdy design made of polyamide / mylon in 140 mm length.
€1.90 *
LED output amplifier LED output amplifier
With the help of the output amplifier, particularly powerful LEDs can be operated on our control units - ideally suited for Ambient lighting - function. The amplifier is particularly interesting for the use of the control unit function...
€49.90 *