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SEQUA Lighting Systems

Founder Edo Kriegsmann

SEQUA Lichttechnik GmbH has specialized in the development of innovative lighting systems. Our claim: trend-setting functions, high quality "Made in Germany" and contemporary energy efficiency. Thus, many thousands of satisfied customers from over 20 countries already benefit from our products.

As the market leader in the segment of sensor-controlled LED staircase lighting, SEQUA is setting new standards with the LED control units developed especially in Germany. In addition, we are happy to offer you lighting solutions tailored to your individual requirements. Well-founded know-how and an extensively equipped workshop (SMD placement machine, CNC milling machine, laser cutter, UV/3D printer, etc.) enable a fast, modern and cost-effective implementation.

We are looking forward to implementing your ideas in a project!

Edo Kriegsmann
Founder and Managing Director



SEQUA: Made in Germany!

SEQUA's LED controllers were specially developed in Germany and are manufactured entirely in Germany - and have been for over 10 years. The result: High quality "Made in Germany" you can rely on. 

Here we give you a little look behind the scenes of the control unit and sensor manufacture in Hamburg:


10 years of SEQUA - the company history:



New SEQUA LED strip with 120 LEDs/m

Specially manufactured according to our specifications, we have been able to offer our customers the ideal LED strip for staircase lighting since 2021. Due to the high LED density of 120 LEDs per meter, this strip not only produces a particularly homogeneous light, but is also extremely economical with a power consumption of only 4.8 W per meter. This combination of perfect light and high brightness is only available from SEQUA.

To the SEQUA LED strip.

Fraes fully automatic machine

Fully automatic CNC machine for plastic parts

The new  fully automatic CNC machine enables us to process plastic parts for the LED control units and sensors fully automatically and with high precision. An automatic magazine ensures replenishment, while the raw parts are inserted and removed by vacuum into the automatic clamping device. As a result, this production step remains "Made in Hamburg" even with the growing quantities.




Staircase lighting configurator

Not everyone is an electrical or lighting expert - and they don't have to be. For this, there is our first-class advice and many helpful functions directly in the store. For example, the staircase lighting configurator, which was released in 2020.  This leads in a few steps to a complete and compatible composition of your sensor-controlled staircase lighting. Tip: Even as a B2B customer, you can use this to create a lighting system that is always suitable for your customer in just a few clicks.

To the configurator.


SEQUA stands for sustainability

The control unit packaging, specially made for us, consists of a piece of recycled cardboard - closed with a paper band - and can be completely disposed of in the paper waste. Our shipping packaging is all FSC certified and the majority of it is even produced in a climate-neutral manner. In 2020, we were also able to significantly reduce the use of film packaging - by as much as around 80% for the packaging of our motion sensors.

Learn more about the sustainability of SEQUA.



SEQUA renaming

"Interactive Furniture" becomes SEQUA

2019 will see the brand launch of SEQUA. With the new look, we want to accommodate the growth and make the value, aesthetics and trendiness of our products tangible at first glance. In addition to the new look, we also launched our completely new online store with dozens of new features: Purchase on account, express shipping, B2B area, newsletter and numerous new products, as well as product variants. 

m55 production

UV direct printing system

We expanded our machinery in 2019 with a UV direct printing system. The imprint with the UV printer is discreet, abrasion-resistant and tangibly raised - no comparison to foils, or stickers.  Thus, the inscriptions of the SEQUA LED control units and M/55 sensors are of even higher quality, more attractive and meet our quality standards - also in the future. 



Laser processing

In-house laser processing

With our own laser cutting facility, we have been manufacturing SEQUA design sensors directly in Hamburg since 2018. Precisely, to the fraction of a millimeter, the sensor bezels are lasered out of plastic plates from the brand manufacturer Evonic. We have also been able to optimize the inscription of our aluminum sensors once again with the laser system. The result on aluminum: an even more discreet, high-quality inscription of the apertures for a visually perfect result.


Presence detector - extension of the Professional control unit 

In combination with the Professional control unit, the presence detector, available since 2018, keeps the LED lighting switched on as long as people are on the stairs. Made of the same material as our M/55 motion sensors, the presence detector blends harmoniously into the overall appearance

To the presence detector in the store.



New warehouse with digital warehouse management

Due to new products, larger stock quantities for faster availability and an increasing demand for SEQUA staircase lighting, the move to a new space was on the agenda in 2017. In addition to an in-house photo studio for product images, large shelf storage areas and an ergonomic packing area, we also converted the warehouse management to a completely new digital system. Barcode scanners ensure error-free packing of your orders, while you can view live and constantly updated product availability in the online store.

Sensor innovations

Expansion of the sensor range

In addition to surface mount sensors, we expanded the range of available motion sensors to include our popular M/55 type. Precisely manufactured on the CNC milling machine from the material of high-quality brand switch programs, these allow the motion sensors to be integrated into your home in a visually harmonious way




Climate neutral since 2016

Already since 2016, our control units for staircase lighting are completely CO²- neutral in operation. With the help of the renowned company "ClimatePartner", we offset the CO² emissions generated by the standby power consumption of the LED control unit -  over the complete warranty period of the control unit and in 24/7 operation. 

Learn more about SEQUA's sustainability.


"Home and Garden" trade fair in Hamburg

In cooperation with the Staircase manufacturer BEWAS , we presented our LED staircase lighting at the "Home and Garden" trade fair in Hamburg in 2016. The various LED spotlights, strips and light colors could be viewed live on a large sample board. 


"Home 2016" control unit for control cabinet installation

To reflect further professionalization, the "Home" control unit was also changed in 2016 to a format for installation in control cabinets. This meant that installation in small distribution boards and control cabinets was also open to the entry-level staircase lighting model. 






In 2015, our LED control unit "Professional 5014" was awarded the "Best of 2015 - HARDWARE" prize. This prize is awarded by the "Initiative Mittelstand"  to particularly innovative products.

 Hansebau Fair

Hansebau trade fair and London Design Week

At the Hansebau trade fair in Bremen, we presented our product range of LED staircase lighting. The sensor-controlled staircase lighting could be tried out live on the experienceable sample staircase. Furthermore, in 2015 we were invited by our cooperation partner in London to present our LED staircase lighting at the London Design Week. We gladly accepted the invitation and were on site in London with a small booth.




CNC milling machine for aluminum and plastic parts

With the acquisition of our own CNC milling machine with almost 1.5 m² working area in 2014, it was possible to manufacture all aluminum and plastic parts in-house. From then on we were able to implement optimizations on the components directly and always had the quality and fitting accuracy of all parts in our own hands.



New LED controller "Professional 3520"

The predecessor of today's Advanced series of our LED staircase lighting: The control unit "Professional 3520" was suitable with 20 LED outputs for long old staircases. This appeared in 2014 and even then offered the most frequently requested functions of sensor-controlled staircase lighting at a special price/performance ratio.


"Future Living Spaces" trade fair

"Health, independence and comfort in demographic change; concepts and technologies for the housing, real estate, health and care industries". in 2014, we presented our concept for automatic, sensor-controlled stair lighting here. The contactless switching on of the staircase lighting is a real safety feature compared to conventional lighting and received a lot of positive feedback.




Control unit "Professional" - the original from the inventor!

In 2013, the Professional control unit represented a completely new development with a focus on greater switching capacity, more connection options, expanded functionality and mountability in the control cabinet . The picture shows the control unit in an electronics laboratory, where it was independently tested. (Not) a matter of course.

Fuse holder 3D printing

3-D printing in productive use

Since 2013, we have also been using additive manufacturing components to manufacture our products: 3D printing. The picture shows the holder (red) of the replacement fuse of our LED control units, which is still manufactured today using the same process from a degradable corn starch plastic.


eye-catching fair

"Blickfang" design fair in Hamburg

With a stair lighting on a design fair? Many other exhibitors looked skeptical - until you stepped on the stairs. At that time, no one knew of such a stair lighting system. The fair was an exciting start to the many other fairs that followed. 





Launch of the first online store

in 2012, the first online store of "interactive furniture" was launched. Also at that time, the assortment was based on: More quality, than quantity. Thus, in addition to the novel LED controller, our assortment included only a few, but high-quality LED spotlights, strips and selected accessories.


From the manufacturer and inventor: The "Home" LED control unit 

Already in 2012, the direction was clear for us: components of the best quality - manufactured in Germany: the housing from BOPLA, a leading housing manufacturer in Germany, the LED control unit with individually fused outputs, of course laboratory tested and with branded sensor cables from LAPP-Kabel. Sustainability in action: Even 10 years later, hundreds of systems are still in operation with satisfied customers - and if necessary, we would still have all spare parts in stock for these customers as well. 


First video

Invention of step-by-step staircase lighting

in 2010 the idea to create an innovative staircase lighting system was born. After a few weeks of development, the first prototype was ready and we had invented the first sensor-controlled, step-by-step staircase lighting. The Youtube video was viewed over 100,000 times within a few weeks and is still the most viewed stair lighting video on Youtube with over 600,000 views .

To the original video from 2010 on Youtube


Foundation of "interactive furniture"

In August 2011, the company "interactive furniture" was founded, laying the foundation of today's SEQUA Lichttechnik GmbH. Magazines like Trend Hunter, Art & Design, iNTERIOR COMPLEX, as well as some local newspapers and radio stations reported about the novel staircase lighting of "interactive furniture".