Aluminium profile for LED strips (17 x 8 mm)

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The aluminium profile - for optimal mounting of the LED strip We generally recommend the use... more
Product information "Aluminium profile for LED strips (17 x 8 mm)"

The aluminium profile - for optimal mounting of the LED strip

We generally recommend the use of an aluminium profile for mounting the LED strips. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages:

  • Better light: the milky cover ensures uniform, diffuse and glare-free illumination of the steps.
  • A more attractive appearance: In addition to the optimum light distribution, the cover avoids the view from below of the "raw electrics" of the LED strip.
  • Protection against damage: The LED strip is optimally protected from children's hands, pet teeth, vacuum cleaners and shoes.
  • Longer service life: The aluminium profile serves to cool the LED strip, which has a fundamentally positive effect on the service life of the LEDs.
  • Easy installation: Mounted on the full width of the step, the LED connection cable can be laid easily and invisibly in the aluminium profile. 

With a height of only 8 mm, it can be easily recessed into the step, but also remains inconspicuous when glued on. Strips up to 12 mm wide can be glued into the profile - so all LED strips available from us are compatible with this profile. We offer the aluminium profile in a variety of lengths for minimal waste. This can then be shortened on site to the exact size using a small metal saw. For fastening the profile we recommend our Industrial adhesive tapeOn even surfaces, 20 cm per step is sufficient for a secure and permanent attachment.

Note on processing:
The exact dimension of the profile is 16.9 x 8.0 mm incl. cover. Due to possible manufacturing tolerances, we recommend taking the measurement on site when milling in the profile. For this we also offer 20 cm sample pieces to pass on to your staircase builder to offer.

Note on shipping: 
Profiles over 120 cm are shipped (Germany) by GLS. Optionally, shipping as DHL bulky goods is possible (in many yountries) - the shipping costs are then 29.90 €.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to ship profiles over 120 cm in all countries abroad - if necessary, use our 20 cm profiles to extend wider steps.


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LED stair profiles - high quality, stable, efficient LED stair profiles are ideal for... mehr

LED stair profiles - high quality, stable, efficient

LED stair profiles are ideal for efficiently marking stairs and individual steps. Not only in public places, but also within your own four walls, they provide safety and an exceptional atmosphere. The step profile ideally protects LED strips and tapes from mechanical forces and gives your lighting an aesthetic and visual finish.

LED profiles are also used for cooling LED strips to ensure a long service life. Our high quality profiles are suitable for creative lighting ideas for indoor and outdoor staircases. Cooling plays an important role in the installation of LED strips. Even a small amount of heat from the LEDs can damage the electronics of LED strips. We offer a professional solution for this with our high-quality aluminium profiles and matching coatings.

Our LED mounting profiles offer excellent heat dissipation for LED strips. You can recess profiles into stair treads to create custom lighting solutions. The light sources are well protected in the corner profile by a concealed installation and are ideal as edge and emergency lighting for stairs. LED stair profiles are perfect for creating long, narrow, modern stair lights that meet individual requirements in terms of light colour, diffusion and length. 

LED stair profiles serve as a clean solution for tiled surfaces, wall edges and steps. LED stair profiles, available from us on request, are treated with tile adhesive when the tiles are laid. With LED stair profiles, an inconspicuous light strip is created at the edge of the stairs. With walkable profiles for stairs you can create recessed lights yourself. Round profiles allow you to install individual lighting solutions on stair treads. The profiles naturally cool LED strips so efficiently that they do not age prematurely and are expected to last a long time.

Modern design and protection against mechanical stresses

Apart from their technical function, the profiles have an attractive appearance. The light effect can be significantly influenced by different coatings. We regularly always offer the covers in opal (milky), as these optimally hide the raw, technical look of the strip, but can also offer translucent and transparent on request.

External influences such as dust, dirt, flies or insects can contaminate or even damage LED strips. Therefore, in addition to the above advantages, profiles and covers are also useful as a protective measure. The special feature of our LED aluminium covers is the material PMMA. This is UV-resistant, does not yellow in sunlight and is therefore also suitable for outdoor use. In addition to outdoor use, these profiles - in combination with waterproof LED strips! - can also be used for wet rooms such as bathrooms.

The high-quality aluminium profile for LED lighting on stairs ensures that your lighting is stable and durable. Our aluminium LED profiles can be used flexibly and are available in many lengths. They are the optimal solution for personalized lighting. It doesn't matter if you want to add a new staircase or special LED elements during a renovation: Whether you want to highlight a stringer staircase, concrete staircase, spiral staircase or arched staircase, we have the right profile to illuminate your staircase.

For LED outputs of less than 5 W per meter, like all our offered LED strips, we recommend the 16.9 x 8 mm U-profile. Due to its low installation height, the profile body is ideal for stairs as direct or indirect lighting, where it provides uniform light distribution. We will be happy to advise you and work with you to find the right solution for your LED project. Use our contact form or simply give us a call.

Aluminium profiles for LED installations

LED strips give you the opportunity to design your staircases in a particularly creative way and offer many exciting highlights. To ensure that your individual installation is convincing in every respect, you must rely on high-quality technology and products. Aluminium profiles for LED staircase lighting are mainly used for cooling and protecting the LED strips. Aluminum profiles cover the LED strips perfectly and look attractive at the same time. Our profiles can be easily attached to stairs and hard to reach corners.

LED profiles with a cover for staircase lighting ensure professional installation of LED strips, optimal mounting and lighting! Our wide range of aluminium profiles is complemented by the range of products for staircase lighting. 

In addition to the model with an aluminium edge, we offer other installation profiles on request, such as particularly narrow aluminium U-profiles (only 12 mm), corner profiles. To ensure that the LED aluminium profile fits into any staircase environment, it can be individually adapted with various brackets and end caps. Please contact us!

LED aluminium profile for mounting LED strips 

Our LED strips are equipped with adhesive tape on the back, so that they can be attached to the aluminium profile very easily, permanently and very evenly. The flat, not only punctual fixation on the aluminium profiles also contributes to a perfect heat dissipation.

The aluminium profiles can be mounted in many ways: recessed, surface mounted or even suspended. There are no limits to your imagination when mounting. The LED aluminium profiles themselves can be screwed or glued to the steps. We recommend gluing the aluminium profiles with our industrial adhesive tape: 20-30 cm per metre of profile are sufficient for a permanent and secure installation.