Staircase light

For the optimal composition of your staircase lighting.

Strips, or spotlights?

For staircase lighting, LED strips can be used under the stair treads, as well as LED spotlights in the wall, or as a surface-mounted variant on the stair string. Which variant do you prefer for your staircase lighting?

Light color

The "right" light color is a matter of taste - to match yours, we offer up to three different variants:

Number of steps

How many steps do you want to illuminate?

Step width

Our ready-made LED strips are equipped with a 100 cm connection cable and can be used directly without soldering. The strips, which can be divided every 5 cm, are available in lengths of 80 cm, 100 cm, 120 cm and 140 cm (only in warm and neutral white). We recommend to lay the LEDs over the complete width.

To do this, please always select the next longer dimension of the step to be illuminated in the configurator: for example, for an 89 cm step "100 cm", for a 115 cm step "120 cm".


Choose your favorite color or material of the LED spotlight.

The motion sensors

The two included motion sensors activate the gradual lighting when you step on the stairs.
You can choose from a pair of the following models:

Additional functions

You would like to use the entrance lighting, or are planning to integrate the control unitinto a home automation system? You can include optional functions like these in this step.can be included in this step. Otherwise, a click on "Skip" will take you directly to theproduct selection of the illuminants.


The ideal solution for you

We have put together the following articles for your staircase lighting project.The power supply unit is already selected in matching voltage and power to your LEDs. Accessories recommended by us for this lighting can be found at the bottom of this page and easily added with one click. Variants, such as the installation type of LED spotlights, can be adjusted later in the shopping cart.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for optimisation, please feel free to send us an e-mail at any time to


Completely invisible when switched off, the gradual illumination with LED strips creates a particularly amazing lighting effect.


Our special LED spotlights with directional light provide harmonious and glare-free lighting for your stairs.

Warm white

This light color corresponds to the light of incandescent lamps with about 3000 K and provides an atmospheric, warm atmosphere for stairs in the living area.

Neutral white

With a color temperature of about 4000 Kelvin the ideal solution for a clear staircase lighting, which at the same time should radiate a homely atmosphere.

Cold white

This particularly bright light color is also called "daylight white" and, at around 6000 Kelvin, resembles natural daylight at midday.

Number of steps

Move the slider

Step width

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Step 8

Step 9

Step 10

Step 11

Step 12

Step 13

Step 14

Step 15

Step 16


Stainless steel



M/55 (Gira), for switch boxes

This pure white sensor is ideal for harmonious integration into switch programs of well-known manufacturers.

Aluminum, 73 mm, for switch boxes

The matching sensor for wall mounting on a regular 60 mm switch box - made of solid aluminum.

White, 73 mm, for switch boxes

The suitable sensor for wall mounting on a regular 60 mm switch box - made of white plastic.

Surface-mounted sensor, self-adhesive

The white, only 71 x 43 x 26 mm small, self-adhesive surface-mounted sensor is the right one when flush mounting is not possible.

Aluminum, 60 mm, self-adhesive

On the back of the 60 mm flush-mounted sensor is a high-quality industrial adhesive tape.

No sensor controlled automatic

Without the sensor-controlled automatic system, the LED control unit is omitted and the staircase lighting is controlled by a regular light switch.

Entrance lighting

When this function is activated, the first and last steps are permanently (dimmed) illuminated. Visually highlighted in this way, your staircase is always optimally visible even at night.

 Video to the entry lighting

Quick start

With the quick start function, when you step on the stairs, the first steps are activated at an increased speed so that the steps in front of you are instantly illuminated.

 Video to the quick start function

Step ambient lighting

Create a special atmosphere in the evening and let your stairs light up. The automatic chaser remains active. The step lighting can be switched via a contact on the control unit.

 Video to the step ambient lighting

Adjustable LED brightness

This configuration option allows you to freely adjust all LED brightness levels. For example, the luminosity of LED spotlights that are too bright can be limited, or all levels can be switched on permanently - slightly dimmed.

Home automation systems

Signal inputs that can be switched via relay actuators enable the connection to existing home automation systems. Switch on the permanent light function of the stairs via your existing home control system or deactivate the automatic system via a central twilight sensor in the house.

 More about SEQUA in your home automation system

Presence sensor option

Connecting an additional presence detector to the staircase lighting ensures that the staircase lighting remains activated as long as people are present in the staircase area. This enables an optimally flowing lighting effect without unnecessarily long switch-off delays and without the risk of standing in the dark.